Add Content

Adding links, files and text to your AskAI

The only optional fields are meta_author, meta_link, meta_published (which can be MM/DD/YYYY or an Epoch Unix Timestamp, as a string) and content_id.

Use the below body to add webpages/links to your AskAI. These must be publicly accessible and cannot be files.

Adding files

Files can only be .PDF, .TXT or .DOCX. and up to 25MB or a .CSV using our template.

Adding text

Use the below body to add raw text to your AskAI. This text must all be JSON-safe.

API responses

If the request is valid and successful, the API will return the below response.

    "status": "success",
    "response": {
        "content_id": "1682755",
        "status": "success"

Your content is then processed in the background and will take longer if it's a large piece of content. This content_id can also be used to update or delete this content item.

Once your content has been successfully added, it will appear on your AskAI upload page and you can start asking questions about that content.

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