🧠Knowledge Sharing

If you find yourself asking the same questions and spending too long trying to find an answer within your company's endless documents, Wikis and Drives, then My AskAI might be able to help.

Try out our Knowledge Sharing demo AskAI πŸ‘‡

All of your company’s knowledge, queryable in plain English, 24/7, with supported references for further reading, how does that sound?

AskAI gives you answers, not just more documents for further reading.

Whether it's a process, report, policy, manual, SOP, or any other document, AskAI will read it, and use it to answer your questions.

Upload all of your company’s knowledge in minutes

Connect your Notion, Google Drive (more integrations coming soon) or just upload the files you want your AskAI to access in a few clicks. Your content will be kept up to date so you always get the most relevant answers.

Answers where you work

We don’t want you to have to learn to use another piece of software, so we built integrations with both Slack and Microsoft Teams so you can ask questions where you would normally ask your colleagues.

All you have to do is remember /askai.

My AskAI in Slack

My AskAI in the Slack marketplace.

My AskAI in Teams

My AskAI in the Microsoft Teams marketplace.

Every answer, referenced

Sometimes you might want to know more, or you might need the underlying documents used to generate your AI answer. So whenever your AskAI answers a question it will always share the sources it has used to create the answer, and if they are online, the links to them too.

Instead of relying on your colleague's memory, you can go straight to the source, spend less time searching in Drive or Notion, and more time answering questions and doing the real work.

Instant summaries of reports and documents

You can use our Summarize mode to take long documents and summarize them into short, one-page summaries that you can copy and share.

Perfect if you're pressed for time or need to quickly get up to speed with something.

See how to create a summary here.

Create workflows around My AskAI with Zapier

We have a Zap allowing you to connect your AskAI to 5,000 other tools, we even made some templates for you to get started, so you can get answers directly within Google Sheets, Airtable or if you wanted, you could even use your AskAI to answer your emails for you.

How could AskAI better help you in your workplace? Add your ideas and requests here!

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