If you find yourself swamped with papers, textbooks, reports and documents, forever reading, highlighting and CTRL+F-ing, My AskAI may be just the tool to help you.

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Upload all your research, more than just PDFs

With My AskAI you can upload PDFs, Word documents, websites, connect your Notion or Google Drive, and ask questions over all of your research at once, instead of searching through one by one for answers.

When you ask a question to your AskAI, the AI will synthesize an answer by taking context from multiple places at once, not just one document. Neat eh?

Share with your research or study group so everyone gets up to speed

Once you have uploaded all of your research to your AskAI you can share it with your friends, colleagues or study buddies with a simple share link so you can all benefit from the AI wisdom!

(You can even personalize it if you want...)

A mode that’s more than just chat

With our Explain mode, you can get much longer, more detailed answers than you would through any chat conversation, with much higher accuracy levels. Explain will never answer off-topic or make anything up that isn’t in your research.

References you can trust

With each answer, your AskAI will provide you with references to the sources used to answer your query, along with the excerpts from the documents that have been used, so you can always check back to the source if you need to.

Instant summaries of papers, reports, web pages and documents

You can use our Summarize mode to take long documents and summarize them into short, one-page summaries that you can copy and share.

Perfect if you're pressed for time or need to quickly get up to speed with something, or as a starting point for your research. helping you know where to look.

See how to create a summary here.

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