Update Content

The same API calls as are used for Add Content are made to update existing content.

  • The easiest way to update a piece of content is to include the content_id, returned in the request you made when first adding that content, in any subsequent requests

  • To update a webpage content item, you can also ensure the same webpage value is used. This will re-sync the webpage and update any other fields e.g. meta_title

  • If the same webpage is added it will overwrite the existing webpage content in your AskAI, it will not be duplicated

If the request is valid and successful, the API will return the below response.

    "status": "success",
    "response": {
        "content_id": "1682755",
        "status": "success"

Your content is then processed in the background and will take longer if it's a large piece of content. This content_id can also be used to delete this content item.

Once your content has been successfully added, it will appear on your AskAI upload page and you can start asking questions about that content.

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