If you need to quickly get up speed with a new concept, or get the gist of a report or paper, pulling out the key insights, summarize is the mode for you.

Learn how to create a summarize AskAI here.

When should I use it?

Summarize is best for when you want to summarize a document or webpage.

You can add up to 3:

  • PDFs

  • Word docs

  • TXT files

  • Webpages

And then choose how you want the content summarized.

Great for when you just don't have time to read through that long document, book, or report.

What can I use it for?

If you want to use it to summarize something into a:

  • Short report (e.g. compress into a smaller version)

  • One-pager (e.g. extract key insights)

  • Timeline (e.g. extract key dates and people)

  • Action plan (e.g. highlight key actions and next steps)

Or something similar, it will work perfectly.

How much content can I summarize?

Currently, you can summarize approximately 150 pages of content at once.

This can be in a single piece of content, or across multiple pieces of content.

What should I not use it for?

It isn't used for answering very specific questions or having a conversation.

For this, you should use our explain or chat modes (which you can launch from your summary).

What can I do after I have generated my summary?

You can also use this mode as a starting point for your research and then convert it to a chat AskAI afterward.

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