Personalize the Appearance of Your AskAI

Change the fonts, colours and button links of your AskAI so you get the most out of your users using it.

This is a paid feature available on all paid plans

For an example of a Customized AskAI, see here:

Or follow our step-by-step instructions below

  1. Open the Dashboard:

  2. Click "Open AskAI" on the AskAI you'd like to personalize

  1. Click Customize/Settings.

  1. Click "Personalise appearance"

  1. Click to Enable Custom Styling.

  1. Click Enable Custom Header.

  1. Make any changes you want (you'll see them update live in the editor below) then Click "Save & Exit"

  1. Click "Save changes"

  1. Then to see your changes, click the Share a link".

  1. Click "copy"

  1. Open a new tab and paste in the link and you should see the changes you've made!

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