What Is It Good/Bad At?

Like you, your AskAI has strengths and weaknesses, to save you finding these out the hard way, here's the low-down

πŸ‘ Your AskAI is very good at

  • Answering both simple and complex questions on the content you upload, creating uniquely synthesized responses from various sources, instantly

  • Holding a conversation on the specific content you upload to your AskAI

  • Summarization (as long as you are using Summarize mode)

πŸ‘Œ Your AskAI is ok at

  • Generating content - you could get your AskAI to write shorter pieces of content e.g. emails, maybe social media posts or even generating questions, using your content base but it is not what it is made for so may not give the best results

  • Maths - generally if it can be done on ChatGPT it can be done on My AskAI, do remember it is a language model first and foremost so we would always check its arithmetic if we were you

  • Product recommendations - if you upload product listings, set up a good system prompt and use our chat mode, it will likely do a pretty good job of recommending products to users.

πŸ‘Ž Your AskAI is bad at/can't do

  • Document comparison - your AskAI will not be able to compare 2 or more documents unless it is on a very specific topic

  • Data analysis - Your AskAI is unable to perform data analysis. This is due to the way the technology is set up and designed, it is made to answer questions using multiple (but a limited number of) pieces of context from a document instead of being able to aggregate, summarise or analyze and entire data set at once.

  • Setting up or scheduling appointments - AskAI is unable to set up or schedule appointments for you in your calendar.

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