Create Your 1st AskAI (Summarize)

Follow this simple step-by-step guide to get started and build your 1st AskAI in Summarize mode in under 2 minutes flat!

Want to learn more about what you can use Summarize for?

Or follow our step-by-step instructions below

  1. Name your AskAI

  1. Choose Summarize.

  1. Click "Choose 'Summarize' mode"

  1. Add either a file or website.

  1. Specify how you want the content to be summarized, the more detail the better!

  1. Click "Summarize ⚑" and your summary will magically appear below!

  1. BUT, it doesn't end there, if you have more questions now, you can click "Chat with this document/webpage" and an instant chat will appear that you can use to ask more questions!

  1. And if you want to you can save your AskAI to use later by clicking "Save as AI Assistant"

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