How to connect with Zapier

Our Zapier app allows you to input a question and output an answer along with the references/sources. You can input and output the question and answer anywhere you want.

  1. Login or sign up to Zapier

Create a free Zapier account if you don't already have one.

  1. Create a Zap

You an use AskAI as an action from any trigger. You input a question, AskAI returns an answer. If you need some inspiration of what to build, you could...

  • Reply to an email with an answer from a question.

  • Add an answer to new FAQs that get added to a Google Doc or Airtable from your team

  • Expand an answer from AskAI using OpenAI to write a full blog post

  • Integrate AskAI with Slack or Microsoft Teams

  • You can do almost anything you can think of!

  1. Add AskAI, as an action, to your Zap

Within Zapier you can search for My AskAI as an Action to add to your Zap.

  1. Connect to your AskAI

Create an AskAI (sign up for free here) simply by adding some content (files or webpages). This will take <2 mins.

Once you've created an AskAI, head to the Embed/Integrate page for your AskAI and enable Zapier.

Then copy and paste your AskAI's ID and API Key from the same page. Zapier will ask for this information when you sign up.

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