Onboarding new employees takes time, and often has to be done by people who already have a lot of work to do. You point them to the same places, they ask the same questions, but there is a better way

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Connect or upload all your onboarding documents

Connect your Google Drive, Notion, add your company’s website and upload any PDFs and Word documents.

You could add onboarding plans, HR documents, SOPs, manuals, policies, and anything that is going to help your new hires.

Your documents will be automatically updated so you don’t have to worry about sharing out-of-date information with your employees.

Get answers wherever your employees are

We’ve got Slack and Teams integrations so employees can ask questions in the channels most familiar to them, no need to teach them any new software, all they need to know is /askai.

If you want you could also add your AskAI to an internal intranet page with our embed widgets or if your team doesn’t sit at a desk, add your AskAI to WhatsApp for answers on the go.

And if all that seems a little too much work, or IT are slowing you down then just share a link with your new hires.

Answers that point them in the right direction

Your AskAI will answer questions in plain, simple English, based solely on your documentation, every answer will give source references so if they want to learn more they can just click to read on, and if your AskAI can’t answer a question you can give them someone to contact so they are never left not knowing what to do next.

Improve your onboarding documentation

You can see every question that is asked, whether it can be answered or not, in your AskAI analytics. This means you can see where the gaps are in your documentation, what common questions or concerns are, and make sure you are addressing them in a timely manner.

Instant summaries of processes, policies, and documents

You can use our Summarize mode to take long documents and summarize them into short, one-page summaries that you can copy and share.

Perfect if you're trying to get up to speed with your new company or need a quick answer about how to do something.

See how to create a summary here.

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