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How many pieces of content can AskAI use in its answer?

Your AskAI will look over all the content you upload, and identify the 4 most relevant pieces of text from them to use to answer your question. This means that the answer will reference at most 4 different pieces of content, but it may only reference 1 if all pieces of text came from the same piece of content.

Do you answer based on multiple pages or pieces of content?

Yes, when you ask a question the most relevant text is taken from across all your content at once to find the pieces that can be used to answer your question. This could mean that it answers based on a single document, multiple places within one document, or across 4 or more separate documents.

How long are the answers?

The length of answers varies depending on:

  • The mode you have the AskAI set up in (Chat or Explain).

  • The Settings you have for that AskAI.

  • The content you have uploaded.

  • The complexity of your question.

In short - it depends!

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Will it output page numbers in the references and sources?

AskAI is unable to output page numbers currently, this is in part because we do not store any of the documents you upload to our servers.

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