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Do you store my documents?

We automatically delete your files after they’ve been β€˜embedded’ (uploaded to OpenAI), however content from them is kept so we can return references to your AskAI answers unless you explicitly give us permission to store your document for reference purposes.

This content is encrypted and stored in an isolated container.

Who sees the documents or content I have uploaded?

No one else can see your documents or anything you’ve uploaded.

The only way other people can see your content is if you share access to your AskAI via the share URL, embedding on a website or providing access through our API.

If you ask us to investigate an issue with your AskAI then we’ll be able to see your content and settings.

We’ll only do this if you ask us to.

Where is information stored?

Content (not the actual documents or files) you upload is securely stored with Pinecone ( once it’s been processed by OpenAI (who don’t store it or anything shared via API (except for a 30-day abuse monitoring period) with them - see here for more:

We only store the text from your documents and web pages and not the actual file itself.

We use Pinecone as our β€œvector database”, this is where the chunks of text are stored along with their corresponding β€œvectors”.

Where are your servers located?

Our servers are in the US and EU (mainly US) - Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and located in The Dalles, Oregon, USA (us-west1-gcp).

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