Where Can I Use it?

You can use your AskAI pretty much anywhere...

Once your AskAI has been created you will have a unique link to access it.

If you want to use this or share your AskAI then you can:

  1. Share the link with others (that’s the only way they will discover it), it'll look similar to this.

  1. Embed your AskAI on your site by copying and pasting a short code snippet (so you can add to any website builder that allows you to add custom code, i.e. most of them), check out our homepage to see examples of these (the FAQ embedded in the page and our chat widget).

  1. Access your AskAI with a single, simple, API call, so you can incorporate it into your product however you see fit, including using it via Zapier, Bubble or other no-code tools.

  2. In addition to these, we have a:

You'll also find instructions on how to set up each of these in the "Embed/Integrate" section of your AskAI.

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