Occasionally your AskAI may either not be able to answer a question, its answer could be improved or, very rarely, it may be incorrect, here's what you can do to fix it.

What should I try before 'correcting'?

Corrections should be used as a last resort, before using them we recommend:

But, when all else fails, you can always 'correct'!

Corrections only apply to a single AskAI, not across your entire account.

When should I use corrections?

Corrections can be used to either:

pageHow To Correct An "I don't know" Response


  • Improve upon an answer already being given or correct an answer that has been given

pageHow To Correct An Answer

Corrections made only apply to the AskAI you have added them to.

How can I manage my corrections?

You can manage corrections by going to "Customize/Settings" on your AskAI and scrolling down to "Manage corrections" from here you can delete any old corrections from your AskAI.

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