Bulk Upload a List of Files or Links

The easiest way to upload a large amount of hosted documents (Upload Files) or websites (especially when there is a specific set of pages or they are from different websites)

Available on all paid plans

Or follow our step-by-step instructions below

1. If it is an existing AskAI, open the Dashboard: myaskai.com/ask-ai-dashboard, otherwise skip to step 3

2. Click "Edit content" on the AskAI you'd like to add files or links to

3. Click "Upload CSV file of links"

4. Select either "Webpages template" or "Files template" depending on whether you want to uploads a list of websites or of hosted files. Note, they are different templates. If you already have a templated list, skip to Step 8.

Alert: Alert: Make sure you read the instructions tab first!


6. Click "File"

7. Click "Download"

8. Click "Comma-separated values (.csv)"

9. Click this file field and add your CSV with your files or links.

10. Click "Bulk add content"

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