Editing Suggested (Starter) Questions

Customise your Starter questions to help prompt your users or customers in how best to use your AskAI or point them to information you want to share with them.

Or follow our step-by-step instructions below

  1. Open the Dashboard: myaskai.com/ask-ai-dashboard

  2. Click "Open AskAI" on the AskAI you'd like to edit

  1. Click Customize/Settings.

  1. Click "Edit suggested questions"

  1. Remove any questions you don't want by clicking the Trash can icon.

  1. If you want to use your own suggested questions, click here.

  1. Click "Are you sure?"

  1. Then enter your new suggested question(s), clicking "Add" after each one, then when you're done click "Save"

  1. Once you've finished Click "Save"

  1. Click "Save changes"

  1. And you should see your new suggested questions appear!

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