How Should I Use it?

6 examples of popular ways people are using My AskAI in their business or for themselves today

  1. Customer Support + FAQs: add an AskAI as a widget to your site and instantly answer customer queries based on your own help docs.

  2. Internal Knowledge Sharing: add your company processes, memos, reports, and documentation then get instant answers on it all at once.

  3. Research: upload reports, papers, and studies then start finding information without having to read it all.

  4. Content Marketing: upload all of your blogs, white papers and reports and make them instantly accessible and discoverable to your customers.

  5. Teaching: add your lecture notes, transcripts, textbooks and give your students 24/7 answers that you can trust

  6. Onboarding or Company Training: add your HR documents, training materials, company history, and background and help your new joiners.

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