⚑Supercharged Answers (GPT-4)

You can Supercharge your answers by upgrading your AskAIs to be exclusively powered by GPT-4, here's everything you need to know.

Available on all paid accounts

What is GPT-4 and why do I need it?

GPT-4 is OpenAI's most powerful and advanced AI model. It excels with more complex queries, comparisons, and reasoning, surpassing GPT-3.5 in all tests. It is also the most 'obedient' of OpenAI's models, meaning that it is much more likely to adhere to any prompts you give it. If you need the highest levels of confidence, accuracy and the highest quality responses, it is the model for you.

Why don't you use GPT-4 by default?

GPT-4's power comes at a price, it is 20x more expensive than GPT-3.5 for each query, it is also excessive in most everyday scenarios where short, quick answers are required. In addition to this it is marginally slower and so for a large number of use cases, GPT-3.5 is sufficient.

How do I upgrade to GPT-4?

You can upgrade to GPT-4 by either clicking the "Add-on" from within "Manage my subscription" that you can access through the dashboard, or by going to any AskAI, going to Customize/Settings and clicking "Update subscription"

How much does it cost and how many questions do I get?

The cost and question limits will depend on your plan:

The question limits will replace your current question limits, they are not "in addition" and the price is an add-on, on top of your normal subscription.

Do the annual discounts still apply?

Our usual 33% annual discount still applies on all GPT-4 plans:

Additional discounts do not apply to GPT-4 packages.

How fast is it?

GPT-4 is slower than GPT-3.5, so we would not advise using where speed is of the utmost importance.

Can I add it to just one AskAI?

GPT-4 is enabled at an account level, so you are unable to turn it on or off for any single AskAI, only for all at once.

Can I try it out for free?

We don't offer a free trial for GPT-4 due to its costs, however, as with all of our products we do offer a 7-day 100% money-back guarantee if you cancel within 7 days (for all plans below Beast).

How do I cancel my GPT-4 subscription?

Please contact us to remove your GPT-4 subscription from your product and we will get it removed within 24 hours.

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